Megamod Items

Useful descriptions

-Used in recipes as the main material in the mod
-Usual drop from the mobs in the mod (About 1-2 each mob)

-Uses plasma as it's ammo
-Creates a little explosion on the impact that doesn't break blocks
-Can be charged, making the explosion bigger without any limit. (BUG)

-Used as ammo for the megabuster
-Crafted putting a simple bugFragment in the crafting table

Roll's Bow
-Uses Roll's arrows as it's ammo
-The distance is always the same, no matter how much you charge it
-You can charge it to deal bigger damage

Roll's Arrow
-Used as ammo for the Roll's bow
-Can be picked up

Megaman Games records
-You can only get these in creative
-Every disc has it's own music extracted from the games

Laser Tools
These has nothing to do with megaman, but are pretty cool and fast.
-Most of them have x2 the diamond durability and insta-break their respective blocks.