Thanks you so much everyone!!

This part of the website is purely to say THANKS to all of you, the people who helped in the development of the mods I work on. 

ATTENTION: This are messages FROM ME to THEM, not the inverse thing!
(Some people asked me "When did I post in that website?")


Megamod Miner Network

-Chip modeller
-3D armor modeller
-Item textures
-General help with models

Hey tio, muchas gracias por todo lo que has hecho por el mod y por lo que aún estás haciendo. Te debo una ^_^


Megamod Miner Network

-Help in coding
-Item texturer
-Helpful information

Thanks you for everything you do for the mod Shiro, I couldn't have keep this mod up without you ^_^


Megamod Miner Network

-Mettaur and Gunner modeller
-Help with animations

You're a wizard. I can't belive you can do that models out of cubes! Digimobs is really lucky that they have a modeller like you man!


Megamod Miner Network

-A lot of information
-General help

Thanks mate, without you most things in the mod wouldn't be the same! ^^


Megamod Miner Network

-Scuttle and Spikey modeller
-Ideas and great information
-Also helped in Copious Dogs

Gracias por toda la ayuda tio. Te debo el scuttle omega todavía junto al life aura, no me he olvidado ^_^


Copious dogs

-Coder from Copious dogs.

 I learnt a lot working with him and he's one of the best persons I know. For me he's a god of the coding. Thanks you so much mate!


Copious Dogs

-Modeller from Copious Dogs

You're such a great person and for sure I can't think about copious dogs without you! Thanks you so much for everything!!!