Megamod Mobs

-The fanner is an annoying mob
-He will blow you out in a range of 30 blocks
-drops BugFragments, Iron ingots and can (Unprobably) drop the Typhoon chip.
-He can't deal damage, but you can't get near him, shoot him from a far distance.

-Fast and deadly
-Deals high damage and he's a bit faster than the player.
-Drops bugFragments and can drop a battle chip
-He deals LOTS of damage, so be careful

-Shoots projectiles in a 15 blocks area.
-Deals relatively high damage
-Drops bugFragments, Iron ingots and there's a change to drop the Vulcan
-Fight him at range, NEVER in close range.

Fire Scuttle
-Shoots fire projectiles
-Deals big damage
-Drops bugFragments
-Shoots relatively fast, so be careful

Water Scuttle
-Shoots water projectiles
-Deals big damage
-Drops BugFragments
-It's just the water version of the one listed above